Gear up to Ride Your Scooters with Headlamps in Auto Mode

Yes. You heard that right. According to the ministry of road transport and highway’s notice, very soon all two-wheelers will have the Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) feature. As per the rule, you will have to ride the bikes with the headlamps on even during the day.

Gear up to Ride Your Scooters with Headlamps in Auto Mode

The AHO will ensure that the headlamps are on as soon as you start your bike. According to a ministry official from Delhi, this is a safety measure that will enable to spot a two-wheeler even during broad daylight. Also, the AHO feature will be a boon in situations where visibility is low such as dusk, dawn and bad weather. The ministry official also stated that in case the bike manufacturers are unable to install the AHO feature, they must incorporate Daytime Running Lights (DRL) that are used by cars in several countries across the world. The main objective is to ensure that the lights are bright enough so that they are visible to oncoming traffic.

However, this decision has received mixed reactions. A motor bike enthusiast, Santanu Roy said,” Will the police implement the headlamp rule? If they do, we will have switch on the headlamps every time we start our bikes and switch it off after turning off the ignition. Instead, the government should ask the bike manufacturers to take our vehicles back and fit them with AHO. Some others feel that there have been not enough campaigns running to create awareness about this rule. They also felt that there is no guarantee that accidents will be prevented with the headlamps on throughout the day. Instead, it would only cost them to get the bike batteries charged every now and then.

Several countries have already adopted this policy and have seen a drastic fall in the number of accidents. People can DRLs fitted on their two-wheelers for a nominal price.

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